Telling your story in a compelling way is a very important part of being a startup business.  The Venture Cafe Foundation’s programs help businesses refine their stories and then provides a platform for them to present themselves.

Watch the following videos from some very interesting startups in our Venture Cafe Community.

Gruuvv is an online peer-to-peer marketplace platform where DJs and customers connect.
ScholarsJet connects college students/recent grads with internships and entry-level employment through fun and friendly hiring competitions that award scholarships and student loan repayment as prizes.
Thank You Tees is a T-shirt apparel company that brings awareness to the countless contributions of Black Americans.
GreenChoice is a data-driven platform empowering consumers to make informed food choices and leading the industry to supply food that’s good for us and the planet.
MTonomy is the underlying infrastructure for the next generation media industry – one that is transparent, instantaneous and equally accessible to all.
Surround Insurance builds customer-centric insurance products for modern consumers in an uncertain world.
ZIRUI is a beauty packaging platform that serves the modern active lifestyle that is always on the go.
PartRunner is an on-demand delivery service in the trades and construction industries.
Domeyard LP is a hedge fund focused on high-frequency trading, and leverages advances in high-performance computing and data analysis to implement trading algorithms across a diverse range of assets.
eMotionRx is developing a groundbreaking approach to empower rehabilitative mobility with affordable, cool, self-powered exoskeletons in people with limited ambulatory capacity.
LOU simplifies customer success by enabling companies to upgrade lengthy help center documents and training videos into effortless interactive tutorials that teach users while they work.
Magnomer is a design-to-recycle company that makes magnetic coatings to enable the recyclability of plastic packaging. 
Abridge News helps people escape news echo chambers by providing quick facts and arguments from both sides for trending news stories.
PetsEmpower is a nonprofit that provides temporary pet fostering for people in crisis until they can be reunited with their furry companions.
EllisX is the first online platform that helps early-stage startups connect with journalists and event managers based on mutual interest and fit.
Oxys Corporation builds artificial intelligence solutions for industrial applications, primarily in manufacturing environments.
GoaldenHour is a consumer productivity app that connects the realms of task management, scheduling, and self-improvement to encourage people to bring their goals & habits to the forefront of their planning process.
tripBuddy is a carpooling platform that encourages employees within the same organization to carpool together to work.
Food for All is a marketplace for restaurants to sell their left-overs at the end of their business day to customers, for up to 80% cheaper than their original price.
Involved is a micro-polling software for local government, helping offices increase civic engagement and understand public opinion with single question surveys.
XRHealth creates an XR Platform combining Medical applications with advanced data analytics, providing a comprehensive solution for clinicians and patients.
Incluvie is the IMDB for diversity in films, giving you the power to rate the racism out of Hollywood!
ReviveMed is an AI-driven drug discovery platform, translating data from small molecules into right therapeutics for right patients.
Myomo is a medical robotics company that offers expanded mobility for those suffering from neurological disorders and upper-limb paralysis.
WorkAround is an impact sourcing provider helping companies get more done for less while giving jobs to refugees.
Sundaily is the world’s first gummy for sun protection!
2 Birds No Stonesis an indoor play space that provides children ages 3 – 10 years with a creative environment to engage in fun play time.